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  • $245.00 - $650.00

    Bobcat Mower Hire 48inch 3x Blade Cutting Deck (Whipper Snipper & Trailer Included)

    • Trailer and zero-turn mower hire package with a 48-inch cutting deck available.
    • Free delivery service included for added convenience, ensuring your equipment arrives on time and ready to use.
    • Fuel provided at no extra cost, allowing you to start your project immediately without worrying about refueling.
    • Zero-turn mower offers exceptional maneuverability, making it perfect for navigating tight spaces and intricate lawn designs.
    • Trailer equipped with ramps for easy loading and unloading of the mower, simplifying the transportation process.
    • Enjoy a hassle-free rental experience with reliable equipment and complimentary delivery and fuel service.
  • $100.00 - $400.00

    Car Trailer Hire suitable for up to 3T Vehicles (Braked, Straps & Winch)

    (We also have a Lowered Car Trailer Available for Hire. Both can suit lowered cars, but for Ultra Lowered, Check our Products for Hire!)

    • Comprehensive 3T car trailer rental package, complete with essential tools, straps, and ramps included.
    • Equipped with sturdy ramps for easy loading and unloading of vehicles, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
    • Various tools provided to assist with securing and maneuvering your vehicle onto the trailer, minimizing hassle and streamlining the task.
    • High-quality straps included to securely fasten your vehicle during transportation, ensuring safety and peace of mind on the road.
    • Versatile rental option suitable for transporting cars, small trucks, or other equipment with a maximum weight capacity of 3 tons.
    • Enjoy the convenience and affordability of a fully equipped rental package, ready to tackle your transportation needs with ease.
  • $65.00 - $250.00

    Dewalt Generator Hire 2200w (Will Power 3 Fridges / A Pool Pump / a Kettle etc)

    • Powerful 2200W Dewalt generator suitable for a range of applications.
    • Compact and portable design for easy transportation and maneuverability.
    • Equipped with reliable Dewalt engine for consistent performance.
    • Features multiple outlets for powering various tools and appliances simultaneously.
    • Built-in safety features such as automatic shutdown for low oil level.
    • Ideal for both job sites and recreational use, providing reliable power wherever you need it.
  • $125.00 - $475.00

    Lowered Vehicle Car Trailer suit 2.2T Vehicles (Electric Brakes, Tools and Straps)

    (We also have a regular 2.8T Available to Hire!)

    Car Trailer for very low cars. This car trailer has been custom built to tow cars that are approx 10cm off the ground. Its the lowest you can possible get to the ground, and with proper use is a very effective way to move jdm, super and sports cars.

    $125 for 3 Hours and $175 for 24 Hours.

    This trailer due to its low nature needs to be used by an experienced driver. It does not have leaf springs, but has sprung torsion bars for minimal use. Note that any car with a tow tongue taller then a Hilux Rouge will require a special Tow Tongue which I can supply upon request. (See the photo attached to my ute). This trailer will be available at my address in molendinar.

    Text me on 0434 533 850 or just message on facebook to book. Note that I will require a photo of the front and back of a QLD drivers license. Also note that any damage to the trailer will be covered by the person using it at any time.

  • $65.00 - $210.00

    Portable Pressure Washer Hire 2700psi Petrol Motor with Tips, Hose

    (Larger Surface Cleaner Unit Available also (Commercial Grade) )

    Hire the 2,700 PSI Axial Cam Pressure Pump for Powerful Cleaning.

    Pickup Only (Can deliver for extra fee) 
    Product Features:
    Powerful Cleaning: 2,700 PSI pressure ensures efficient dirt and grime removal.
    High Flow Rate: With an 8.7 L/min flow rate, achieve thorough washing results.
    Efficient Performance: 54 m²/h cleaning capacity saves both time and water.
    Reliable Engine: Westinghouse 4-stroke petrol engine with a low oil shutdown for enhanced safety.
    Built-In Detergent Tank: 1.9 L tank for effective removal of oil, grease, and dirt.
    Durable Spray Gun: Endura-Grasp spray gun with a 7.6 m abrasion-resistant hose.
    Versatile Nozzles: Includes 4 quick-change spray nozzles suitable for various cleaning tasks.
    Robust Design: Features a steel frame, sure-grip handle, and never-flat wheels for easy maneuverability.
    Easy Setup: Plug & play functionality – simply add petrol, detergent, and connect to water.
    Hire Rates:
    24 Hours: Starting from $65
    7 Days: Up to $210
    Take advantage of our competitive hire rates and powerful cleaning equipment to make your cleaning tasks effortless. Contact us today to book the 2,700 PSI Axial Cam Pressure Pump!

  • $295.00 - $600.00

    Pressure Washer Trailer Hire ~ 4500psi, 20GPM, Dual Water Tank ~ Degreaser & Fresh Water (All in 1 Kit)

    • A premium HIGH PRESSURE PETROL Power Washer tailored for demanding professional applications.
    • Equipped with a 150m Hose dedicated for the PRE-SOAP / SOAK Low Pressure System, facilitated by a singular tank.
    • Additionally, features a 150m HIGH PRESSURE HOSE for high-intensity cleaning tasks, also served by a single tank.
    • Conveniently connect your garden hose to the unit for effortless filling, with automatic stoppage when the tank reaches capacity.
    • Activation via key turn grants access to 3500psi pressure, extending up to 150m from the trailer.
    • Designed for robust cleaning tasks such as house exteriors, decking, and pathways, catering to discerning clientele.
    • Complete with a comprehensive instruction manual for user guidance and efficiency.
    • Inclusive of essential accessories: 1x High Pressure Lance (with Tips), 1x Pavement Pressure Washer Unit, and 1x Low Pressure Soap Gun, among others.
  • $425.00 - $1,125.00

    Toyota Bobcat for Hire 2.3T Including Delivery to GC (Including Trailer)

    • Bobcat hire available for $425 per 24-hour period.
    • Versatile and robust Bobcat (Toyota) equipment ready for a variety of construction and landscaping tasks.
    • Experienced operators available upon request for an additional fee.
    • Delivery and pickup options offered for convenience, inquire for pricing based on location.
    • Equipment maintained to highest standards for optimal performance and safety.
    • Flexible rental terms available, contact us to discuss your specific project needs and duration.
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